May 17, 2014

You are not welcome in our land

US President Barack Obama answering questions of Asian youth leaders at the Young South East Asian Leaders Initiative Town Hall, at Universiti Malaya, Kuala Lumpur on 27 April 2014.
Barack Obama this weekend is the first US president to visit Malaysia for nearly 50 years, seeking to put decades of uneasy relations behind him as both cast wary eyes on a rising China.
Malaysian Muslim activists have protested outside the US embassy against the upcoming visit by President Barack Obama, denouncing him as an enemy of Islam.
The protesters marched to the embassy in Kuala Lumpur from a nearby mosque after Friday afternoon prayers, shouting "God is great" and "Obama is the enemy of the Prophet Muhammad [PBUH]."
They also bore placards and banners saying: "US is axis of evil" and handed out leaflets saying "Reject Obama, World's No. 1 Terrorist."
Malaysia has opposed US wars in the Middle East and supports the establishment of a Palestinian state.

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