Apr 3, 2017

ISIS terrorists executed a Syrian man allegly on charge of 'apostody' in Raqqa.
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Mar 1, 2016

iranian women take a selfie as they lined up to vote in parliamentary elections in downtown Tehran. (february 18, 2016)
Interior Minister Abdolreza Rahmani Fazli said turnout for the twinned elections stood at 62 percent.
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Feb 15, 2016

Islamic Revolution day

Millions of Iranians in Tehran along with all the cities across the country started the 37 year old rally of 11 February which marks the victory of the Islamic Revolution in 1979.
Despite the cold weather of the day, millions of Iranians have showed up on streets across the country to perform the national ritual of 11 Feb.
The ralliers hold banners in their hands which some of them read: ‘We are followers of the Leader,’ ‘Down with USA,’ ‘Down with Israel,’ and ‘We don’t go dishonored.’
This is the date on which the Islamic Revolution of 1979 fruited into victory after years of oppression under the tyranny of the US-backed monarchy of Pahlavi regime who took the lives of thousands of its dissidents.
Ten days before the date, the late Imam Khomeini who was in exile for 17 years flied back into the country and after ten days of bloody street rallies the nation-backed revolution announced its victory.

Iranian demonstrators reenact US Marines' capture, during the Islamic Revolution anniversary parade in Tehran.
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Feb 9, 2016

Wedding in the war-ravaged Homs

Newlywed Syrian couple Nada Merhi, 18, and Hassan Youssef, 27, pose for a wedding picture amid heavily damaged buildings in the war-ravaged city of Homs.
Although Merhi and Youssef's wedding photos may suggest that life in Syria can come close to normality, they are far from free of the complexity and divisiveness of the war.
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Feb 8, 2016

Breaking four year long siege

The Syrian army soldiers and their allies were warmly welcomed by the residents of Nubl and Al-Zahra after they pushed away the militants and regained the towns. The government forces broke the Takfiri terrorists' four-year-long siege of the Shiite-populated towns of Nubl and Al-Zahra in Northern Aleppo provinc.
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Feb 1, 2016

Dubai top view

The 19-year-old Russian was on holiday in the Emirate and boasted of climbing to the top of several skyscrapers during his stay in Dubai.
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Small victims for big politics

The body of a migrant child lays on a beach near the Aegean resort of Ayvacik in Turkey. The refugees were trying to reach the Greek island of Lesbos.
Toddlers and young children are among at least 39 refugees who drowned in the Aegean Sea while trying to cross from Turkey to Greece overnight.
They were on an overcrowded smuggler boat that sank just metres off the shore of Ayvacik after hitting rocks.
Photos showed bodies lining beaches and coves, including children who appeared as young as two wearing life jackets and warm winter coats in preparation for the journey their families hoped to make to safety in Europe.
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Jan 20, 2016

National Day in Qatar

The celebrations included a parade of Qatari soldiers and military hardware along the capital city's corniche, while fighter jets and helicopters flew overhead and a flotilla of boats sailed past.
The annual holiday marks the date in 1878 when Sheikh Jassim bin Mohammed Al Thani succeeded his father.
Qatar national day is celebrated on the 18th of December every year and most of the public are given the day off from school and work.
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Jan 17, 2016

Solidarity with Nimr in Canada

Canadians Muslims from various cities assembled at the Parliament Hill, Ottawa on Wednesday 7th January 2016 to protest against Sheikh Nimr illegitimate execution by the Saudi regime. Protesters came from far afield as Toronto, Waterloo and Montreal in order to express their outrage.
The protesters marched from Parliament Hill to the Embassy of Saudi Arabia.
On their way to the Embassy of Saudi Arabia, the protesters stopped at US Embassy to shame the US government for their unconditional support to the Saudi regime.
The Protesters demanded that the Canadian government immediately cancel the 15 Billion dollar contract to manufacture Light Armoured Vehicle (LAV) for Saudi Arabia and to stripped Saudi Arabia from their position on the United Nations Human Rights Council.
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Nigerian children protest for release of Zakzaky

Nigerian children protest for the immediate release of Sheikh Zakzaky in Sokoto 7.1.2016
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Jan 11, 2016

WoW (Women On Wheels)

Women participants of Women on Wheels ride their motor-bikes during a rally launching the Women on Wheels campaign in Lahore.
About 150 women motorcyclists after completing training with the collaboration of Special Monitoring Unit on Law & Order and City Traffic Police participated in the Women on Wheels rally in Lahore.
The programme would be implemented from the International Women’s Day.
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Jan 8, 2016

Miss Iraq

Despite the dangers of Isis and death threats to contestants, the Miss Iraq beauty pageant has been successfully held for the first time in over 40 years.
Shaymaa Abdelrahman, a 20-year-old from Kirkuk, became the first person to claim the title of Miss Iraq since the event was last held in 1972.
When pitching her charity project, Ms Adbelrahman said she would use her fame to help education initiatives, in particular the thousands of people displaced by the on-going war.
The event was originally meant to be held in October but was delayed due to some of the contestants receiving death threats.
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