Feb 15, 2016

Islamic Revolution day

Millions of Iranians in Tehran along with all the cities across the country started the 37 year old rally of 11 February which marks the victory of the Islamic Revolution in 1979.
Despite the cold weather of the day, millions of Iranians have showed up on streets across the country to perform the national ritual of 11 Feb.
The ralliers hold banners in their hands which some of them read: ‘We are followers of the Leader,’ ‘Down with USA,’ ‘Down with Israel,’ and ‘We don’t go dishonored.’
This is the date on which the Islamic Revolution of 1979 fruited into victory after years of oppression under the tyranny of the US-backed monarchy of Pahlavi regime who took the lives of thousands of its dissidents.
Ten days before the date, the late Imam Khomeini who was in exile for 17 years flied back into the country and after ten days of bloody street rallies the nation-backed revolution announced its victory.

Iranian demonstrators reenact US Marines' capture, during the Islamic Revolution anniversary parade in Tehran.
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