May 29, 2011

Good bye my dear

Misrata LibyaYoung father is saying goodbye to him child for last.
Here is Misrata; Libya's third-largest city.
While parts of Libya's northern coast have changed hands from day to day, the conflict in Misrata turned into a long and lethal stand-off.
Weeks of heavy bombardments by forces loyal to Colonel Muammar Gaddafi failed to break the deadlock.
It is the only significant western rebel hold out, and is strategically important because of its deep-sea port, so rebels have fought hard to defend it.
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  1. Tough stuff buddy. We don't hate muslims....just your radical leaders, imams and crazy clerics.

  2. which leaders!? there are a lot of leaders in Islamic world, good and bad. Ismail haniyeh, Nasrollah and Khamenei are leaders and Binladen, Qaddafi, Ali abdullah saleh are leaders too!
    and what u mean about radicalism!?
    is defending our right radicalism?