Apr 24, 2012

Divine sandstorm

This picture is the burned body of one of the 8 Americans that died during in Tabas desert.
Tabas incident, occurred in Tabas desert on April 24, 1980, is a memorable day in the history of Islamic Republic of Iran.
On April 25, 1980, the United States launched Operation Eagle Claw (or Operation Rice Bowl) in an attempt to rescue Americans held in the Iranian capital of Tehran after the 1979 Islamic Revolution ordered by President Jimmy.
However, a sandstorm struck and brought down the US helicopters involved in the operation, killing eight American servicemen.
The US Air Force, Army, Navy and Marine Corps were all involved in the operation.
Operation Eagle Claw was one of the first missions conducted by Delta Force.
The botched attempt brought further disgrace to the administration of former US President Jimmy Carter in the eyes of the American public. Many believe it played a major role in Carter's defeat in the 1980 presidential election.
Iran marks the event every year as a symbol of US failure.
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  1. I do not understand why an accident becomes a great day for Iran.

  2. Iran needs Freedom - let the people choose their own choices, their own lives. The same freedom used here to create this blog... In Iran, it's impossible.

  3. Only Iran could count something they played no part in as a personal victory.


  4. russian HAARP was buddy dont go fast

  5. One of the criminals who personally invaded the American embassy is currently serving as the president of Iran AGAIN! He needs to stand trial in The Haig! The people keep asking for one thing, but the Ayatollah slaps their cries for progress, to join the modern world, back! The people are too afraid to do anything, but whisper their cries, otherwise, they will disappear, if they cry too loudly. They remember the names of friends they don't see anymore. The ones who disappeared in the night and NOBODY ever saw again. Obviously the kind of theocracy that takes root in this part of the world is too poisonous and too sick to be of any benefit to the people. It bleeds the people dry. Those who are not convinced to leave as soon as they see a chance will become true believers and perpetuate the poison. Despite the fact that the rest of the world operates a lot more smoothly, the people almost everywhere else are happier and there are more middle easterners living outside of the middle east, than inside of it, the zealots believe they should try to turn the rest of the world into a picture of the middle east, in all of its misery.

    They have done so much so wrong, why would anybody want to be one of them? (some join them because they were tired of being bullied, so they decided to become bullies instead. It is the wrong answer.)

  6. Islam was invented by Arabs, the same Arabs who raped Iraninan women and killed Iranian men and women. Arabs still despise Iranians and yet Iranians follow the religion of the Arabs