Apr 7, 2012

11,541 red chairs

11,541 red chairs, BosniaRed chairs are displayed along a main street in Sarajevo as the city marks the 20th anniversary of the start of the Bosnian war. City officials have lined up 11,541 red chairs arranged in 825 rows along the main street that now looks like a red river representing the 11,541 Sarajevans who were killed during the siege.
The Bosnia war, led to the death of at least one-hundred thousand Bosnian citizens and displacement of hundreds of thousands of others, many of them Women and children.
The destructive war began in 1992 and lasted till the late 1995, during the breaking up of the former Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia.
During the war, the capital city of Sarajevo experienced a 43-months period of siege, by the Serb forces along with the Yugoslav People’s Army, which is considered to be the second longest besieging of a city in the modern history of warfare after the Gaza Strip siege by the Israeli forces.
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