Apr 6, 2012

Somali pirates

Navy frees Iran-bound sugar ship from piratesAn Iranian cargo ship that had been captured by Somali pirates on March 26 in the eastern Indian Ocean has been freed by Iranian marine forces.
The Eglantine, with 23 crew on board, was carrying 63,000 tons of sugar from Brazil to Iran that was hijacked off India's southwest, some 2000 kilometers away from Somalia.
According to Reuters, attacks as far away from Somalia as this one are rare.
Although NATO, EU and Iranian naval forces are trying to protect merchant shipping, the Indian Ocean is too big for them to effectively patrol all of it.
Iran’s Navy has rescued a cargo ship, attacked in the Indian Ocean while en route to Iran, and arrested 12 pirates following a 48-hour fight.
Following the incident, the Iranian Navy received some intelligence and deployed its forces to the area, he said, adding that Iran’s naval forces reached the target area - some 3,000 kilometers off Iran's territorial waters - in the shortest possible time.
Also Iran’s Navy has recovered a Chinese cargo vessel seized by Somali pirates in international waters off the southern Iranian port city of Bandar Jask and detained the hijackers on Friday.
The freighter was hijacked on Friday morning by Somali pirates in the Gulf of Oman near the Iranian port city of Chabahar.
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