Jun 5, 2011

Thanks God

Yemeni Protesters Celebrate Saleh's OusterYemeni Protesters Celebrate Saleh's Ouster. Protesters in Yemen are celebrating the fall of the Yemeni dictatorial regime after President Ali Abdullah Saleh escaped to Saudi Arabia. “Today, Yemen is newborn,” sang dozens of youths in Sanaa’s University Square.
Al-Arabiya news channel was reporting that Saleh was in a military hospital in Riyadh Saturday night with wounds in the neck and chest, and that he had arrived late Saturday along with 35 other people also injured in the palace attack.
Saleh sustained neck and chest injuries in the attack in the capital, Sana'a. However, shortly after the attack, Yemen's state media said Saleh suffered minor injuries and aired an audio message from him saying he was in good condition.
The unrest in Yemen began in mid-February when protesters — inspired by successful uprisings in Egypt and Tunisia — took to the streets to demand that the autocratic leader of 33 years step down. But that generally peaceful movement gave way to vicious street fighting when tribal militias took up arms two weeks ago.

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