Jun 11, 2011

Serb hunter in captivity

Ratko Mladic; BosniaIn this Aug. 5, 2003, file photo, forensic experts, members of the International Commission on Missing Persons in Bosnia, inspect remains found at a mass grave near the eastern Bosnian village of Memici, 50 miles northeast of Sarajevo. (Amel Emric/Associated Press)
They are believed to be some of the 8,000 missing persons who fled Srebrenica in July 1995. Bosnian Serb wartime general Ratko Mladic was arrested in Serbia on May 26, 2011, after being found in a farmhouse owned by a cousin.
The former Bosnian Serb general is accused of overseeing the worst massacre in Europe since the end of World War II. He was indicted 16 years ago for his role in the 1995 slaughter of 8,000 Muslim men and boys in Srebenica and for war crimes in the four-year siege of Sarajevo that killed 10,000, including 1,500 children. He will face genocide charges in The Hague. The arrest is a reminder of the atrocities that occurred during the Balkan conflict. (41 photos total)

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