Jun 12, 2011

What do the cars want!?

saudi women drivingA woman in Saudi Arabia sacrificed the little freedom she had and went behind bars after protesting against the female driving ban through driving a car. Her sacrifice was enough to make all the women drive their cars in protest against the ban, make a video and upload it on Facebook anonymously.
Her name was Manal Al-Sharif who was an IT expert behind the campaign “Women2Drive” and was urging other women with foreign driver’s license to come out on the roads on June 17 in peaceful protest and posted a video of her driving herself on youtube, the video had around 500,000 views. Her brother was also in the car while she was driving, and was also taken into condition.
The Saudi Arabian women are forbidden to hold high government office, vote or roam in public places without their man’s permission. However, Saudia Arabia’s government did give a hint that it wanted to lift the ban but fear of reprisal from religious leaders hasn’t allowed them to do anything formally.

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