Jan 4, 2013

Arbaeen in Karbala

On the eve of Arbaeen, 40th day of Imam Hussein martyrdom - grandson of the Prophet Mohammed- millions of lovers and followers swarm his shrine in Karbala on foot to pay homage to him.
Meanwhile, the deputy head of Karbala provincial council Nasim Jassem al-Khatabi expected that "over 16 million pilgrims are expected to attend the mourning ceremonies in Holy city for Arbaeen."
Imam Hussein, grandson of Prophet Mohammed, opposed to Yazid’s (the ruler at that time) tyranny and was martyred along with 72 of his supporters in an unfair battle, showing exemplary acts of courage, and they were finally martyred and brought about an epic chapter in history which had great figures such as Gandhi, Edward Browne, Charles Dickens admire him with awe and respect.
Who is Imam Hussein?
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