Apr 14, 2011

Brutally tortured Martyr Fakhrawi

Brutally tortured Martyr Saeed Abul-Karim FakhrawiBrother of the martyr prevents journalists and photographers from taking pictures of the martyr in washing place of the cemetery. Even martyr’s wife was prevented from having farewell with her husband. It is seems that the martyr’s family had received threats from the Ministry of Interior in the case of the publication of any image.
Two photographers were taking picture on the body of the martyr in washing place of the cemetery, but the brother of the martyr strongly asked him to erase the pictures.
After the eviction of the pure body of the martyr of the mosque to perform burial prayer for him, a group of angry young Bahraini who heard the martyr was tortured in jail opened the shroud and saw the body of the martyr in order to see the effects of torture that led to his martyrdom.
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  1. He's not a martyr. He's another Muslim who didn't believe this Gospel and sadly, died in his sins.

  2. I think every body be killed in Freedom way is a Martyr; in any religion and any phylum.
    I wish u more know about ppl of Bahrain!