Mar 16, 2011

Bloodbath in Bahrain

Bloodbath in BahrainA deadly crackdown on protesters in Manama, Bahrain; a day after the government declared martial law to quell sectarian unrest. Riot cops with shotguns, clubs, tear gas and concussion grenades smashed Bahrain's freedom protests, killing five people and leaving 300 wounded. The slaughter in Bahrain began in the dead of night, while thousands of demonstrators were asleep in their makeshift camp in Pearl Square in the capital, Manama.
Following the intensification of protests in Bahrain, the Bahraini government stepped up its crackdown on demonstrators and Saudi Arabia and other neighboring countries sent troops to Manama to quell the unrest. U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates also made a trip to Bahrain to help resolve the issue.
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Watch these videos from Reuters: Bahrain erupts in violence, Deadly crackdown on protesters in Bahrain

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