Dec 5, 2010

Power of Islamic world

Power of Islamic worldHajj is symbol of Islamic world power, where Muslims assist from all Islamic countries. It's one of the pillars of Islamic faith, the Hajj must be carried out at least once in their lifetime by any Muslim who has the ability to do so. Pilgrims perform a series of rituals including walking around the Kaaba, standing vigil on Mount Arafat and a ritual Stoning of the Devil.
About 2 million pilgrims performed Hajj this year.
In picture, an ambulance is parked among thousands of Muslim pilgrims praying near the Namira Mosque at Mount Arafat, southeast of the Saudi holy city of Mecca, on November 15, 2010. Pilgrims flooded into the Arafat plain from Mecca and Mina. Pilgrims spend the day at Arafat in reflection and reading the Koran. (MUSTAFA OZER/AFP/Getty Images)


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