Nov 27, 2010

Hijab isn't limitation

Hijab isn't limitationKhadijeh Azadpour is the first female Iranian athlete earning a gold medal in martial arts in Asian games. Female Iranian athletes competed in their games whereas wear hijab. They showed the hijab isn't limitation. Female Iranian athletes earned 14 medals in Asian Games in Guangzhou. The Asian Games, a kind of mini-Olympics for the world's most populous region, is a showcase for the best athletes Asia has to offer.
More pictures of female Iranian athletes:
Khadijeh Azadpour, Gold, Women's Sanshou 60kg
Samira Malekipour, Bronze, Women's -68Kg Karate
The bronze medal in Women's 50m Rifle 3 Positions Team of Shooting
Sara Khosh Jamal Fekri, Bronze, Women's Under 46kg Taekwondo
Raheleh Asemani, Silver, Women's Under 62 Kg Taekwondo
Elaheh Mansoryan, Bronze, Women's Sanshou Wushu 52kg


  1. It was great how Azapour went back to the Islamic Republic of Iran and received an award from Iranian authorities while she was wearing a Palestinian or Basiji chafiya :D It shut the mouth of all those who claim women are oppressed or alienated in Iran.

  2. they are welcomed warmly in airport. about chafieh, I didn't any thing in TV but I think ur info seems more update than mine. ;)
    Western medias so tray to show Muslim women slightly specially Iranian Muslim women. as u said, Iranian Muslim women have show again that western medias just rodomontade.