Jul 7, 2012

Birthday of Imam Mahdi

Iranians celebrated the birthday anniversary of Imam Mahdi, the 12th Shiite saint on Saturday evening.
Every year in Iran, the majority Shiite Muslims hold celebrations to mark the anniversary by decorating streets and major buildings with colourful lights, handing out candy and fruit juice and delivering eulogy to praise this saint.
Shiites also pray for the safety of their saviour Imam and his sooner appearance on this day.  Imam Mahdi is the Shiite 12th holy Imam who is believed to be alive but invisible.
Shiites believe Imam Mahdi disappeared centuries ago in the northern Iraqi town of Samarra but is due to return some day as a saviour, enforce justice in the world, clean up the earth's face from tyranny and injustice and change the world into a perfect and just Islamic society along with Jesus Christ.
According to Holy Quran, Jesus Christ is also alive and will reappear with Mahdi to assist him in spreading justice and fighting the unbelievers and oppressors.
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