May 4, 2012

Stop Target Killing of Hazaras

Hundreds of protestors from all over UK have gathered outside Pakistan Embassy in London to condemn the wave of killings of Shia Muslims in Pakistan’s conflict-plagued southwestern province of Balochistan.
 In the first 2 weeks in April, more than 29 members of the Hazara community in Quetta, Pakistan, were killed in separate incidences of ethnic violence and target killings. Many more were injured as shops, streets and cars were shot and burned. Men, women and children were among the victims.
Over the last 10 years, over 600 Hazaras have been murdered, over 1000 have been permanently disabled by terrorist attacks and over half a million Hazaras continue to be terrorized on a daily basis. Still, the Pakistani government does nothing in protection of its citizens, and the Pakistani media blacks out the events in its reporting.
Despite ongoing protests in many western countries including Australia, England, Germany and Austria, the international community remains silent on this issue.
The Hazara community in Quetta needs immediate and decisive international action.
More pictures: Germany, Austria, England

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