May 13, 2012

Because I am a Muslim

Premier League Muslim superstar Yaya Toure has turned down a “man-of-the-match” alcohol bottle prize for being banned under his Islamic faith.
“I don't drink because I am a Muslim,” Toure said.
The Manchester City midfielder was chosen the man of the match in his encounter with Newcastle United.
Toure, a Muslim from Ivory Coast, scored twice in team’s 2-0 win against his Premier League rival.
Islam takes an uncompromising stand in prohibiting intoxicants. It forbids Muslims from drinking or even selling alcohol.
The general rule in Islam is that any beverage that gets people intoxicated when taken is unlawful, both in small and large quantities, whether it is alcohol, drugs, fermented raisin drink or something else.
From the first moment of joining FC Barcelona, Toure made no secret about his religion, insisting there was no contradiction between being a successful footballer and a devout Muslim.

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