Nov 21, 2011

New Protests In Egypt

Tahrir, New Protests In EgyptA general view shows Tahrir Square as Egyptian riot policemen try to disperse protesters in Cairo November 20, 2011. Police backed by the army used batons and teargas on Sunday to charge protesters in Cairo's Tahrir Square demanding Eygpt's ruling generals swiftly hand power to civilians, in some of the worst violence since the overthrow of Hosni Mubarak.
9 Months after the first Tahrir Square protests in Cairo, Egypt against the regime of Mubarak the people are back on that same square protesting again. This time against what they call the Military Junta. When Mubarak was removed from office the army took over as a temporariry measure, to restore law and order and such important things, but let’s be honest, whenever an Army has taken over as a temporariry measure it has never been temporariry. In the old Egypt the Army was already powerful and in the new Egypt it is even more powerful. And power is not something that is given up easily or without a fight. We wish the people of Egypt well.
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