Oct 31, 2011

Funerals of Palestinian martyrs

Funerals of Palestinian MartyrsIsraeli warplanes attacked areas in the southern and northern Gaza Strip on Saturday and Sunday, killing ten Palestinians and injuring several others, Press TV reports.
One Palestinian was killed and another injured in an Israeli airstrike on the city of Rafah on Sunday.
According to the Israeli military, in an airstrike on Saturday, Israel killed nine members of Islamic Jihad who had fired rockets toward Ashdod three days before.
Palestinian sources said the Israeli airstrikes targeted a training center of Islamic Jihad and killed Ahmed Sheikh Khalil, a technical engineer of the resistance group, and eight other Islamic Jihad members.
In retaliation, Islamic Jihad fired two Grad rockets from the Gaza Strip at two Israeli towns.
Funerals were held on Sunday for the Islamic Jihad members killed in Saturday's attack.
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