Jun 22, 2011

2300-meter-long flag

2300-meter-long Syrian flagThousands of supporters of Syrian President Bashar Assad carry a 2300-meter-long Syrian flag in a demonstration in Damascus on Wednesday.
Syrians rally on streets of Damascus, Syria in support of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad on June 21,2011. Hundreds of thousands of people Tuesday rallied in main squares of Syrian cities to show support for their embattled President Bashar al-Assad.
The demonstrators, most of them state-employees, waved portraits of al-Assad and chanted such slogans as "people want Bashar al-Assad" and "Allah, Syria and Bashar only", as helicopters hovered overhead.
The demonstrations came a day after the president promised in a speech to hold a national dialogue in response to three-month-long pro-reform protests.
Al-Assad said in Monday's speech that his country is subject to foreign conspiracy, blaming "saboteurs" for the unrest.
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  1. thousands ? i see a big flag with what seems to be AT MOST a thousand , and stop kidding your self , we are the protesters and we are in the millions

  2. Dear World of Islam blogger. This post is a joke! You support that bloody Syrian regime and yet have the audacity to post about Israel and the US? You're a deluded fool! Assad MUST GO!

  3. thanx 4 ur comments brothers (if u accept me as bro!) but I'm not deluded fool! :)
    I know there isn't democracy in Syrian regime and I have heard news of unrests in some of cities of Syria specially Daraa. I don't have any viewpoint about Assad, but we must accept his supporter r a large part of Syria.

  4. his supporters are not even close to being large , we all saw kazafi in lybia and how he rallied the people in tripoly till the day it was free , the moment he left all of them stood up and rallied against him

    we all saw 3 millions only in egypt stand against the regime , the moment hosni mobarak was taken down all of egypt went to the streets in joy

    and we our selves were rallied in syria many many times or else we will get fired the least you can say.

    iam from homs , all the cities are rising up against bashar , i have a large number of my family in damascus , they are trrified , they are all against bashar , but are too afraid to go against him

    the people are afraid , we have millions in the streets against bashar and thats WHILE getting killed by the army, so expect to see ALOT more if the killing stopped.

    in any case we are talking about this picture its self , i see a big flag and very few people , so your comment description is way off.

    good luck , unless you support bashar , in that case , i suggest you do somthing usefull with your time.