Feb 25, 2011

Mir Mahna

Mir MahnaIran has unveiled a new computer game named Mir-Mahna, which is based on the biography of an Iranian hero who fights against colonial forces in Iran back in the 1740s.
Iranian national hero, Mir-Mahna defeated the Dutch forces and liberated southern islands of Iran at the end of the reign of Nader Shah Afshar (1736-1747).
Traditional music and using modern ways of motion capture, which make motions and scenes of the game more natural, are among the features of this national game, a Press TV correspondent reported on Monday.
The Mir-Mahna game, which took almost two years to complete is the first Iranian game about the life of a contemporary Iranian hero and the second game after “Garshasp Gorz-e-Serit.”
Garshasp Gorz-e-Serit is a legendary Iranian hero, which is a third person Action-adventure game, taking place in mythological ancient Persia, in a world occupied by monsters.
“The game Mir-Mahna took almost two years to complete. A team of 20 young game specialists and graphic designers joined hands in this project,” Manager of Mir-Mahna project Moreteza Rezaei said.
“Technically in terms of graphic design and shadow processing we have attained global standards, but we believe that we can do much better in the future,” Technical director of Mir-Mahna project Behnam Aqajani said.
Although Mir-Mahna has recently been unveiled, it has already been welcomed in different international game expos.
The developers of the Mir-Mahna game believe that the national game is a means to introduce the Iranian culture and civilization worldwide.
The Mir-Mahna game is expected to become available in European markets in the near future.
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