Dec 12, 2010

to commemorate Ali-Asghar

to commemorate Ali-AsgharIranian women gathered their newborns to commemorate Ali-Asghar, the newborn son of Imam Hussein (AS).
The six-month-old baby Ali-Asghar was killed by an arrow that hit his throat while he was in his father’s arms on Ashura (the tenth of Muharram), which was the day Imam Hussein (AS) and his companions were martyred.
For the followers of the Ahlul Bayt (as), the first two months of the Islamic year are a time for grief and mourning. It was on the 10th of Muharram, 61 A.H/680 C.E that Imam Husayn (as) the grandson of the Holy Prophet (saw) was martyred in Karbala, "Ashura", meaning the tenth day. The Holy Imam went through great difficulties even after Ashura, and their grief and pain is remembered by their followers for two months. During these two months Shia"s try to avoid all forms of merry making. They are as one bereaved family, giving vent to their grief and sorrow through mourning rituals such as Majalis and Matam. This does not mean however that they make their lives miserable. Read more ...
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